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Product School


Product School


Times Square - New York, NY


October 15, 2016 to December 17, 2016


Inaugural Class - Summer of Code


Product School is an education startup that offers Product Management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles.

  • 8 week part-time product management course
  • taught by Christopher Andersson, founder of New York Code Company and the previous Senior Director of Product at InVision
  • one of youngest students ever admitted at 20 years old due to relevant prior experience
  • received the Software Product Management Certification at the end of the course

Overall, my experience with Product School was pretty great. I learned a lot of practical material from my instructor, Christopher Andersson.

To be honest, though, I initially thought the content was too mediocre and was considering dropping the class. Despite this, I was encouraged that it would be worth it if I stuck with it.

Soon enough, Chris started to open up more and acted more transparent about what content would be most relevant. I felt I came with a better idea of what being a product manager is actually like and how to better leverage my existing skills for that position. The students in my class were also all very bright and fun to be around.

I think with a little more improvements to the content/slides, Product School’s PM class can be made even greater.


Product Management Certificate from Product School : Accredible : Certificates, Badges and Blockchain Credentials.

Part-time courses in product, coding, and data analytics for managers

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