My Social Canvas

Grind Workspace, Verizon Building – New York, NY

October 1st, 2016

The My Social Canvas DesignHackathon will bring together students who are pursuing degrees in fashion, graphic design, technology, and business in an effort to increase awareness, participation, and funding for girls in STEM programs across the country. The final deliverable from each team will be an iPhone case design, an e-commerce site to sell their product, and a marketing plan to launch the product. Proceeds from the sales of the winning team’s cases will go back to supporting Girls In STEM.

I acted as the tech student in my team of 3 which had to compromise of a business, tech, and design student. Together we created The MEGGS Case.

MEGGS creates tech-focused cases that offer beautiful and well designed protective solutions for your iPhone 7. We believe getting women interested and involved in STEM is vital to the industries and creates a well balanced and educated society. Through our cases, we want to give young women and girls a tangible way to showcase their passion in interests through fashion accessories.

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We 💖 Judy Spitz #verizon #cornelltech #witny #stem #designhackathon #designforherSTEM

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