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Every fall, leading startups, companies, and organizations in NYC pose business challenges to Cornell Tech. In Product Studio, teams develop and present new products, services, and strategies that respond to those challenges.

My team is responding to The New York Times (Community) challenge.

The challenge is as follows:

How might we create a safe place for people of all backgrounds to discuss important local, national, and global issues?


Today older white men represent the majority of people who comment on The New York Times articles.

The homogeneity of that user base is creating a barrier to discussion from the larger population, which is stunting growth.

In order to stay relevant, The New York Times will need to engage diverse users by stimulating more conversation.


Introducing β€œMost-Discussed” on the New York Times app. Here, you can see articles ranked by the number of comments, with curated comments from different perspectives. The user photos invite comments from more diverse users by showing that this is an inclusive environment.



Sprint 1 - Product Studio
Most Discussed


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