Worked with 4 other team members to create launch plan and presentation for a product. Presented to professors for Business for Non-Business class at Cornell Tech (NBAY 5500).

MamaBear Banner

Splash is an all-in-one Event Marketing Platform built for achieving goals and tracking impact.

Splash’s current wedge is a beautiful user interface and seamless user experience for all their event customers.

Their main competitors such as Eventbrite, Meetup, and Facebook all serve mainly as high-end bulletin boards to showcase events and register.

The product we are releasing, appropriately named Mama Bear, allows Splash to gain a competitive advantage by offering everything our competitors as well as an effective way of managing the event in real time and keeping all event attendees happy.

This will allow Splash to acquire more users by providing them an all-inclusive seamless event organization system, thereby increasing their revenue as well.

I helped create visual assets, design the presentation, formatted launch plan, and completed process diagram section of launch plan.




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