Hiredot - Home Page
Hiredot – Home Page


Collaborated with one other team member to create a virtual portal for Fullstack Academy students and interested companies to explore projects and hackathons as well as create their own profiles and set up hiring event preferences using the stable marriage algorithm using the MEAN stack.

This project was completed on August 26th, 2015 for the Capstone phase of Fullstack Academy.



install npm packages

$ npm install

once the packages are installed, go ahead and gulp

$ gulp

and then run the server

$ npm start


User Types

  • User Model
    • email
    • password
    • role (student, admin, company)
    • photo
    • cohort (student)
    • if they are a fellow (student)
    • preferences (student/company)
    • currentCompany (student)
    • social links
      • github
      • linkedin
      • website
      • angellist
    • resume (student)
    • job openings (company)
  • Guests/Potential Students
    • can view projects
    • can view hackathon wins
    • can view students
    • can view companies
    • cannot view hiring events
  • Past Students
    • can add projects
    • can add a project as a hackathon win or add a hackathon event where they won an award
    • can add resume and social links to profile
  • Current Students
    • have same abilities as past students
    • can edit their company preferences and view their time slots with companies for the hiring events at Hiring Event state
    • only Admins and the specific student can see their company preferences
  • Companies
    • can add job openings to their profile
    • can edit their student preferences and view their time slots with students for the hiring events at the Hiring Event state
    • only Admins and the specific company can see their student preferences
  • Admin
    • have complete CRUD control over all data
    • key thing is that they can view the Hiring Event preferences for both the companies and the students so that they can set up Google Calendar time slots in the Hiring event state


  • Projects
    • showcases all projects students add to their profile
    • projects must be one in following categories:
      • stackstore
      • stackathon
      • capstone
      • winning hackathon project
    • model
      • title
      • description
      • awards won
      • team members
      • github repo link
      • website link
      • photo
      • tags
      • category
  • Companies
    • displays all companies that have either hired a Fullstack grad or are currently hiring
  • Hackathon Wins
    • displays all hackathon events where students won an award
    • model
      • title
      • number of wins
      • description
      • projects
      • website
      • photo
  • Hiring Events
    • students and companies view their time slots with each other
    • admins can see all preferences and time slots
    • stable marriage algorithm automatically calculates company/student pairs for time slots in the hiring events Fullstack has for each cohort
    • a time slot day view will be available here for both the students and companies for convenience

Future Features

  • add Tumblr blog link for student profiles
  • show projects based on awards won



  • 98 commits


Step 1

Step 2

  • HACK AWAY! πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨

Step 3


FVCproductions Joanna Zhang
FVCproductions Joanna Zhang
github.com/fvcproductions github.com/joanaz

GitHub Repo

View the project at github.com/joanaz/HireDot2.


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