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This map was started August 21, 2014.

This map was last updated in November 2014.

About the Project

  • Self-initiated
  • This map provides links to educational institutions that offer advanced degrees/concentration/depth/breadth area in artificial intelligence (AI) or operate well established AI laboratories/research groups.
  • This map is separated into categories by graduate, undergraduate, and research groups/labs/institutions.
  • This map also focuses on research efforts related to automated reasoning, knowledge representation, agent systems, cognitive/computational neuroscience, machine learning, AI-related topics, etc.
  • This map does not directly focus on research efforts related to Robotics or engineering in general.Anyone provided with the link is welcome to go ahead and edit the map and contribute more universities or research efforts.

You can find this work in progress hereΒ or by clicking on the map.


  • This map uses the information provided by AI International, a site designed to help locate and share international AI research efforts.
  • The map is created visually using Google Maps Engine Lite.


  • To be frank, I just couldn’t find a more geographically/visually oriented website that showed which schools specialized in AI research.
  • The most extensive information I could find was at the AI International website (which is great, but not very visual) with a grand list of universities across the world that did.
  • So I’m just converting and expanding the list to include a nice visual map with Google Maps Engine.

Tips or Tricks?

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