Material I developed as an ambassador for Fullstack Academy.


The State of Coding Bootcamps 2017

Presented February 19th, 2017

The State of Coding Bootcamps 2017


My Summer of Code Experience

[speaker deck]

GitHub Repo - Helpful Tips

[github repo]

Fullstack Academy

I’m supposed to mentor Kelaiya for 6 hours.

[email protected]

Questions to Ask

  • When is your last day of Foundations?
  • How much time can you dedicate this week to this program?
  • What is being covered?
  • When are you going to start your on-campus portion?
    • June 5th
  • How is housing?
    • Verify GitHub

  • Welcome:
  • Session 1:

Fullstack Tips & Tricks -

Fullstack Me -

  • fullstack-me GitHub repo
    • Overview of programs and how to prepare
  • Notion Page
    • More private information - only available to those who have link
  • hire-me GitHub repo
    • This was a helpful resource I created that has a lot of job interview resources. Shanna shared this resource with the Career Success team to give to Fullstack job seekers.
  • alumni panel on March 15th
  • slide deck on my Fullstack Academy Summer of Code experience

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