Monarchs Hack the Campus \U0001F981

I designed the website for the ODU Hackathon and also helped with the branding/registration.




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Check out the website at {#check-out-the-web-site-at–a-href–http:––acm-hackathon—target–_blank—–acm-hackathon—code—a- style=”text-align:center;”}

Check out the Typeform at {#check-out-the-typeform-at–a-href–https:––target–_blank—–code—a- style=”text-align:center;”}


For an upcoming hackathon at ODU dubbed Monarchs Hack the Campus, I’m acting as a volunteer and am already helping out with some pretty big tasks.


  • branding
    • created 4 new banners using Sketch and existing logo (credits to Michelle Graham for the logo)
  • the actual website
    • completely redesigned from the bottom up to have a nice look and feel based on an HTML5UP template
  • registration
    • redesigned and made some minor changes to the configuration for the Typeform used as registration for those interested in attending the hackathon


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GitHub Repo

Sorry, it’s private! :/

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