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Thursday - February 15, 2018

DocuSign Demo App

I created this demo app using PowerForms to try and impress the developer evangelism team at …

Sunday - February 11, 2018

A Vegas Tale

How healthiness and hope won over greed and conformity.

Saturday - November 4, 2017


My custom start script for new laptops - Materialized!

Saturday - October 21, 2017

Women Who Code Hackathon

Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in …

Sunday - July 16, 2017

Twemoji Tutorial

This CodePen was created as part of this GitHub issue I opened for the popular emoji library twemoji …

Tuesday - March 14, 2017

Connective Media

Material I developed while taking the 'Connective Media class at Cornell Tech.

Saturday - January 7, 2017

Updated GitHub Page πŸ“

Updated my GitHub page in order to better showcase my current state of mind. If you click on 'black' …

Wednesday - October 12, 2016

MamaBear Launch Plan 🐻

Worked with 4 other team members to create launch plan and presentation for a product. Presented to …

Sunday - October 9, 2016

Kent Hack Enough

Volunteered and teamed up with my boyfriend to work on a Leap Motion hack that won an award

Sunday - February 28, 2016

Monarchs Hack the Campus

Join us as we build apps, hardware, and community in Silicon Harbor. Yeah, we’ll be hacking for 36 …

Sunday - February 14, 2016


At TreeHacks, everything's chill but the weather.

Monday - January 18, 2016

Built in Norfolk

Badges for when you're hacking out in Norfolk.

Monday - January 11, 2016

Meetup Dice 🎲

A simple Node.js application for picking a random RSVP’d member from a Meetup.

Wednesday - August 26, 2015

Hiredot πŸ’Ό

Collaborated with one other team member to create a virtual portal for Fullstack Academy students …

Wednesday - August 5, 2015

Robopocalypse πŸ€–

I collaborated in a four-person team to create an e-commerce store that specializes in selling …

Saturday - June 27, 2015

Writefull Icon

A circular icon made for Writefull, a light-weight app that provides feedback on your writing by …

Saturday - June 27, 2015

Popcorn Time Icons

Two circular icons made for Popcorn Time, the best way to stream tv shows and movies.

Wednesday - June 17, 2015

Alchemize Icon

A circular icon created for Alchemize.

Tuesday - June 2, 2015

Blogo Icon

A circular icon made for Blogo, an innovative desktop blogging app.

Sunday - May 17, 2015


AMEOT is a full-service MIS and IT support company based in Newport News, VA.

Friday - May 15, 2015

Raindrop - Circular Icon

An icon I made for Raindrop since I couldn't find a circular icon anywhere online.

Thursday - May 7, 2015

Hipster Mermaid

This was a logo created for a tech conference in my local area.

Thursday - April 30, 2015

Bebop.me πŸ’‘

A quick visual novel game made for my web and mobile development class using the Ren’Py Visual Novel …

Monday - March 23, 2015

Leh Business Card

A business card I made for my brand using the platform Moo.

Wednesday - December 31, 2014

Dear Bootcamp

My case for why I should get accepted into a coding bootcamp.

Sunday - December 28, 2014

Map of Coding Bootcamps

The world is teeming with coding bootcamps, but I just couldn’t find a more geographically/visually …

Sunday - October 26, 2014

DC Hack

Google hackathon in their DC headquarters

Wednesday - October 1, 2014


As the Website Committee Chair for my ACM club at Hampton, I created the website at …

Sunday - September 14, 2014

Undergrad A.I. Internships

This list provides undergrad-level internships/fellowships located in the US that deal with machine …

Sunday - September 14, 2014

MBA & MSCS Grad Programs

Graduate Programs - MBA/MSCS This list provides graduate programs that offer a dual degree in an MBA …

Saturday - August 30, 2014

Snow White

Customizing my desktop layout.

Saturday - August 9, 2014

Flavours Themes

These are all the Flavours themes I’ve created for the Mac customizing application, Flavours.

Tuesday - May 27, 2014

Blood Red

Customizing my desktop layout.

Tuesday - April 29, 2014


Experimenting with a logo - EYE on A.I.

Sunday - April 27, 2014


Customizing my desktop layout.

Monday - April 7, 2014

Texting While Driving

As part of a health project, my team and I tackled the effects of texting while driving.

Saturday - February 1, 2014

Tron Legacy

Customizing my desktop layout.

Sunday - December 8, 2013

The Chinese Wall

I was part of the backstage crew for 'The Chinese Wall' play at Jacobs University Bremen and was put …

Friday - October 4, 2013

Ma Cherie

Customizing my desktop layout.

Wednesday - September 18, 2013

Dragon Fly

Customizing my desktop layout.

Monday - July 15, 2013

July 15th

Customizing my desktop layout.