I work with clients of all backgrounds on both product design & development.

I also freelance write every now and then.


Whatever your needs are related to web design & development or blog writing, I will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best quality output.

To get a better idea of what I have to offer, feel free to look through a few samples from my blog, portfolio, and testimonials given from folks I’ve worked with in the past.


  1. You contact me through my website with some details about what your needs are.
  2. I will set up a time to meet so we can discuss the project further as well as pricing.
  3. A contract will be set up through Bonsai and iteration starts. This will involve you receiving consistent updates on the project and an overview of the hours I’ve worked throughΒ TogglΒ andΒ Trello.
  4. Once you’re happy with the final changes and payments are finalized via PayPal or your method of choice, the project is complete!
  5. Β If you’d like to at this point, you can also add a testimonial.


I charge a minimum of $50/hour when it comes to web design or development but this price gets lower if the process only involves branding & identity. I charged my last development client $300 for a static website and my last design client $150 for branding.

In terms of freelance writing, I charge 7 cents per word and a minimum of $10/hour. I charged my last writing client $200 for 2000+ words.

Blog Samples

Portfolio Samples

Testimonial Samples

April 2016 Hey, I emailed you a few months ago asking for some coding bootcamp interview advice. I ended up getting accepted into Hack Reactor! I’m on my 5th week and have been having an amazing experience. A fellow classmate noticed today that we were connected on LinkedIn and mentioned he was also a fan […]

Mike Jonas

February 2017 Your blog helped me make my decision to join Fullstack Academy and I always wanted to say hello! Franklin Lee

Franklin Lee

January 2016 I want to thank Frances Coronel and Josh for their leadership and guidance beginning my class in the Hour of Code. I was timid in that I have very little knowledge and did not want to turn my students off to this concept by confusing them. They did quite the opposite! The students […]

Kimberly Logsdon

April 2016 I don’t know if you remember me but we Skyped a while ago. You were nice enough to let me ask you questions and get advice on the application process for Fullstack. I went into the admissions process with way more confidence and I got in! So thank you, you were extremely helpful. […]

Angel Riera