July 30th, 2016



Diversity Scholarship Recipient

Impact Hub

Oakland, CA

twitter @npmcamp


a community conference for all things npm

This was an A-mazing conference. Probably one of the most diverse conferences I’ve attended in tech and that’s saying quite a bit.

Such a vibrant community and the catering was just absolutely killer. Lemonade and veggie sandwiches – yummy!

I learned a bit about:

  • how to publish a module to npm (favorite)
  • increasing accessibility using aXe core
  • different package managers out there besides npm
  • the nodebot community and how important the code of conduct is
  • semantic versioning
  • registry design patterns

Just so this page looks good, I created two versions of the conference logo from the website so that it is completely SVG ready (I think).

They look like this:

You can download the Sketch file for these on GitHub: