So I’ve come to the conclusion that I come from a pretty interesting background.

Here’s why…

North America

  • born into a Peruvian family in Newport News, VA and raised inΒ Norfolk, VA

    • exposed to a lot of different cultures very early on given that Norfolk is one of the largest naval bases in the US and families from all over the place come to stay for a few years or longer

  • from elementary school to now, I was/am usually the only Latina in any of my classes

  • graduated from an HBCU in May of 2016

  • studied in NYC at Fullstack Academy during the summer of 2015

  • interned in Redwood City, CA for Accenture during the summer of 2016

  • attending Ivy League school in NYC from 2016 to 2017

  • visited Canada and 21+ US states

Central & South America

  • my first international trip was to Chichen Itza, Mexico

    • I was 2 at the time

    • it was just my mom, dad, and I at the time so there weren’t any issues (hehe)

  • being Peruvian, my family has traveled to Peru to visit family many times

  • visited Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador


  • studied Wildlife Management Research Techniques during the summer of 2012 in the Manyara area of Tanzania

    • while I was there, I was able to take Swahili language classes

  • took a 1-year intro class in Arabic my senior year of high school

    • my teacher was from Morocco and loved to talk about his country

  • visited Kenya, Tanzania


  • in elementary school, my whole family moved to France for about a year since my dad was a visiting professor

    • learned how to speak French fluently while I was enrolled in school there

  • studied abroad in Germany for my first semester of college during the fall of 2013

    • took a German language class

  • visited Italy, England, Greece, France, Germany


  • attended the Newport News Japanese Saturday School throughout my middle school years

    • while I don’t know Japanese as well anymore, I still have a great adoration for the culture

  • volunteered as a high schooler in a medical mission taking place in Vietnam for Operation Smile during the summer of 2012

  • attended my first international conference in Beijing, China – also through Operation Smile – during the summer of 2011

  • visited China, Japan, Vietnam

In other words, by being exposed to so many different people over my lifetime, I’m aware now that I’ll probably always want to travel and explore new worlds unknown to me.

So until next time, safe travels! ✈