Developing with a design background.

I work with clients of all backgrounds on both product design & development.

I also freelance write every now and then.


Whatever your needs are related to web design & development or blog writing, I will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best quality output.

To get a better idea of what I have to offer, feel free to look through a few samples from my blog, portfolio, and feedback given from folks Iโ€™ve worked with in the past.


  1. You contact me through my website with some details about what your needs are.
  2. I will set up a time to meet so we can discuss the project further as well as pricing.
  3. A contract will be set up through Bonsai and iteration starts. This will involve you receiving consistent updates on the project and an overview of the hours Iโ€™ve worked throughย Togglย andย Trello.
  4. Once youโ€™re happy with the final changes and payments are finalized via PayPal or your method of choice, the project is complete!
  5. If youโ€™d like to at this point, you can also add a testimonial by reaching out to me.


Web Design or Development

I charge a minimum of $50/hour when it comes to web design or development but this price gets lower if the process only involves branding & identity.

I charged my last development client $300 for a static website.

I charged my last design client $150 for branding.

Freelance Writing

In terms of freelance writing, I charge 7 cents per word and a minimum of $10/hour.

I charged my last writing client $200 for 2000+ words.


I do charge to mentor others unless I feel itโ€™s appropriate to be generous.

Through my Fullstack Academy ambassador position, I received $500 to mentor an incoming Grace Hopper student for 6 hours.