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Accenture Liquid Studio - Silicon Valley

Accenture Liquid Studio


Redwood City, CA

Formally based out of San Francisco, CA


June 7th, 2017 to Present


The Accenture Liquid Studios are designed for rapid application development. They help companies become built for change through new skills, processes, products and ways of working.


Software Engineer

Iโ€™m part of the Lightweight Architecture team with my specialty being in UI development & testing. and am currently working for one of the most well-known mobile communications companies in the world.

So far, in this role, Iโ€™ve been in charge of

  • Developing and testing dozens of custom components using Angular & TypeScript
  • Implementing project-wide documentation resulting in greater team performance
  • Spearheaded new Karma testing workflow resulting in 4x faster performance

Outside of client work, Iโ€™ve also been involved in the following

  • Liquid Studio Silicon Valley Onboarding Lead
  • Technology Development Program Rewards & Recognition Action Team Lead
  • Chief Editor of the Lightweight Architecture assets for the Liquid Studios
  • Volunteer for the 2017 West Leadership Summit
  • Winner (3rd Place) at an Alexa Hackathon hosted by Amazon and Accenture
  • Featured in Accentureโ€™s internal site for the Liquid Studio
  • Created Liquid Studio wiki from scratch
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