My personal experience with Designlab, an online platform for learning web and mobile design skills.

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What is Designlab?

Designlab - Logo Designlab - Logo

Designlabis the best way to learn web and > mobile design skills online. Practice the principles of visual design, > UX (user experience), and UI (user interface) design with our > project-based, mentor-driven online courses. > > Learn concepts and theory from our curated resources, practice with > hands-on projects, and get expert feedback on your work from design > mentors. > > Design is the difference. Set yourself apart.

I decided to take the Design 101 course on Designlab to get a better understanding of how design can be incorporated into my work. You can view the syllabus here.

Date & Times

Start Date End Date My Actual End Date Friday - August 28, 2015 Friday - October 9, 2015 Sunday - October 18, 2015

Even though it ended October 9, it took me another 9 days to finish everything up.

So, finally, on Sunday, October 18th, I managed to finish all the required coursework - woot, woot!


Designlab - Swag Designlab - Swag

I received a few items in the mail August 31st - ooh la la. The book β€œSteal Like An Artist” was included as part of the package and even though I had read it already, it was nice having a physical copy. Even my mom ended up reading it and will quote from the book now and then.

My Mentor

Designlab - Mentor

My mentor, Chad was pretty cool. I checked out his website and he has some killer work, like this pepper:

Low-Poly Chilli Pepper Low-Poly Chilli Pepper by Chad Trutt

But to be honest, we only ended up Skyping each other once because I was always busy or had something going on that was of higher priority. This was on me.

Regardless, becoming the marvelous mentor he is, Chad always made sure to give me helpful feedback, even after the course was technically over for me! :)

The Lessons ———–

Designlab - Week 1 Designlab - Week 1

These are already on their website, but I will share again here.

  1. Getting to Know Design 2. Visual Hierarchy 3. Layout 4. Typography 5. Color Theory 6. Process

Each unit had designated projects and with each project, there were several articles that were optional to read. Most of the articles were pretty helpful and were all available for free online.

The Projects β€”β€”β€”β€”

I’m still pretty new to the world of design. Even though I already knew the difference between UX/UI, how a wireframe is different from a prototype, and how important design is in general, Designlab was still made me realize how much more complex design can really be even when your only goal is simplicity.

I explored each project more in depth on this page, but you’re also free to look at it on my Behance portfolio as well.

Designlab - Profile Designlab - Profile

The Difference ————–

The difference, I believe, between something like DailyUI challenges and Designlab is the amount of feedback you’re going to get. I feel the main thing you’re paying for is the community and feedback. The articles they provide as mini-lessons before each project are all actually free online somewhere, but, nonetheless, they were very well selected.

Designlab - Discussion Designlab - Discussion

The Aftermath β€”β€”β€”β€”-

Designlab - Course Completion Designlab - Course Completion

Upon course completion, I received a nice online certificate which I promptly added to my LinkedIn (they made this really easy to do).

The certificate itself is actually nothing more than a showcasing of all the design projects I completed for the course.

Overall, the course was definitely worth the $274. I would learn with > Designlab again!


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