These are interesting times.

After applying and interviewing for a bunch of internships and coding bootcamps and receiving a bunch of rejections and acceptances, I’ve decided to head to Fullstack Academy this summer which is located in New York City to be part of their inaugural class for their Summer of Code program. Ok, wow, that was a mouthful!Summer of Code | Fullstack Academy

It’s only for college kiddies and surprisingly there’s not many programs designated specifically for us, so it’s pretty cool that Fullstack decided to implement this.

The Deets

Read Quote of Huntly Mayo Malasky’s answer to Are there are any coding bootcamps for college students? on Quora

It was a big decision and was not to be taken lightly. My parents supported me throughout the whole process and for that, I’m appreciative.

I’m hoping to finally gain those β€œpractical skills” in web development so I can finally start implementing all the ideas I have for potential web apps!

If everything goes as planned, senior year is going to fly by! πŸ˜‰

But anywhoozies, yay me!!!

[Insert 5 Hours Of A Random Celebratory Song]


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