1) So first on my list, with ~2,500 views, we have (surprise, surprise), a practice sociology test from my class at TCC officially dubbed as Sociology Test 2 TCC.

Comments: I’m glad people are so eager to look at a test that literally has no answers provided. ๐Ÿ˜

2) Moving on to #2, we have Literary Devices in "1984" with ~1,200 view. Ah, yes…

Comments: I’m actually pleasantly surprised that a homework assignment back from my 11th grade English class has been read so often and is able to help people out. I really enjoyed that book so finding the quotes that tie in with certain devices was a no brainer.

3) Ranked 3rd, with ~1K views we have my Calculus Section 4.1 HW. I never really felt WebAssign homework assignments were very engaging so to poke some fun at ’em, I’ve uploaded a lot of them to my Scribd.

Comments: This assignment being ranked 3rd is just strange though, given that the majority of the answers were unable to be converted for visibility purposes in a PDF file. Ah, well.

4) Second to last, we have my AP Statistics Project - Gummy Bears with a our goal being to design a controlled experiment to test a factor that will affect how far gummy bears will โ€œflyโ€ from a catapult. It sounds fun, but it really wasn’t.

Comments: Joke’s on you. I’m pretty sure my team got a terrible grade on this project.

5) Friggin’ finally we have what I purposely called Chapter 4 - Starting Out With Java: Early Objects - HW. This one has roughly 500 views.

Comments: This is easily one of the easiest homework assignments I’ve ever had (see what I did there?).

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I like to dabble with things that ought to be dabbled with.

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