Here’s a little riddle that is based on a very recognized riddle, except it uses POTC references.

So basically it’s like Star Trek Monopoly, a spoof of the original.

Made it up on by own and really love it so hope you do too.

POTC Riddle
POTC Riddle

You are Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl, and are on a journey to discover untold riches of the long gone Spanish pirate Benito de Soto.

His vast amount of gold doubloons is said to be hidden in Tortuga cave on a remote island called Monte Cristo.

You finally find the cave and immediately encounter 3 chests along with many skeletal corpses surrounding the water around the chests.

One chest is labeled β€œgold doubloons”, the other β€œsilver doubloons”, and the last one β€œgold and silver doubloons”.

As you head towards the gold doubloons chest, the phantom of Benito de Soto comes up to you with his sword and challenges you to his battle of the wits that many have failed .

You bravely accept his challenge and he tells you that,

β€œEach chest has been incorrectly labeled.

You must chose one doubloon from one chest so that you may be then afterwards correctly label the chests.

IF you cheat or fail to correctly label the chests, then you will die a miserable death and replace me as phantom.

IF, however, you succeed, you may leave and take my gold doubloons with you.”

Assuming that the phantom is telling the truth, how will you, Captain Jack Sparrow, label the chests correctly and avoid certain death??
Want the answer?!

The password is sparrow.


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I like to dabble with things that ought to be dabbled with.

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